Overwrite the value for String field

Good day ! could you please help me with the following question:
how can i overwrite or (what plugin should i use?) the following value to another one:

from /server/oauth2/userinfo/slaves/*
to /server/oauth2/userinfo
for nginx.access.uripath field

logstash version is 7.6.1

Mutate update to update value or rename to change the field name.

i tried to use this, but i need to change some values to another values regularly (drop extra information from uri)

Something like this:
mutate { gsub => [ "[nginx][access][uripath]","\/server\/oauth2\/userinfo\/slaves\/*", "/server/oauth2/userinfo" ] }
Is this part in url? For instance, /server/oauth2/userinfo/slaves/images/pic.jpg?

yes, it is

Unfortunately, uri path didn't modified

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