Packebeat: Unwanted 404 errors for styles, js like resources

We are using Topbeat, and are able to successfully dashboard the info.
But the 'HTTP codes for top queries' visualization is showing
a lot of 404 errors for http request for resources like styles.css,
jquery-ui.css etc which we don't want to listen to.
**Is there any way that we can skip for monitoring specific resources? like **
do not watch over css or js requests.

you're meaning packetbeat HTTP reports? Why remove errors instead of fixing your HTML? Purpose of monitoring tool like packetbeat is to find and fix these kind of errors. Every request + every 404 requires resources for doing nothing.

Hi, @steffens

Agree with you, but we have priorities, as these 404 are for resources like
stylesheets, scripts, images; we have we want to focus on showstopper errors.
We'll fix these 404's later but we got to fix other on priority.

Thanks for your time.

With upcoming v5 alpha1 stack you can use generic filtering support in packetbeat to remove events. Or ingest node support in elasticsearch.

If your're still running on beats 1.x and want to modify/filter events your best option is packetbeat->logstash->elasticsearch.