Packectbeat: Windows with multiple network interfaces

(Krushnat Khawale) #1

packetbeat -devices

listing multiple network interfaces,

0: \Device\NPF_{2EB816F1-6B79-4A9A-AE86-2222FEE25ECB} (Microsoft)
1: \Device\NPF_{FEAD6AD3-D7BF-4738-AA20-12222C6ECA6CF} (Microsoft)
2: \Device\NPF_{287BF3DC-FE13-4543-9961-44338C490C2} (Microsoft)
3: \Device\NPF_{BE7588AB-352A-4F1A-94A4-2222EE49A090} (Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller)
4: \Device\NPF_{91391009-8060-43F9-9F96-3333A1FCF57D9} (Microsoft)

which one to use?

(Tudor Golubenco) #2

I assume you have multiple network interfaces on the system, perhaps WiFi, Ethernet, Ethernet over USB, etc. You might be able to match which one is which in the System Information, see for example:

(system) #3