Packet beat is not showing the status of down if the port is down

Hello ,
I have started to use packetbeat for port monitoring in kibana .
These are the current issues

  1. when I kill the process (http) , its not showing the exact status of port in elastic search . Even if it's down , it's shows the port is ok
  • type: http
    • 3456
  1. i have few ports running on https and these information of ports are not captured by packetbeat when i use type as TLS . What are the options ?

How exactly are you showing the port status?

With the field status in kibana . When I run packetbeat in the client , there are 1000 + fields are created in ES. Amongst them http status code , status , source_port are what I need . When I see the status it's always showing ok even though if the port is not listening .

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