Packetbeat capturing responsetime and sending it to Logstash

My goal is to capture and store all queries run against Elasticsearch in Elasticsearch. I am mimicking the scenario discussed at monitoring-the-search-queries. I am using v7.9.2 of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Packetbeat software. The issue I'm having right now, is that I'm not capturing responsetime. I do not see responsetime field in the new Elasticsearch index that is created. I am guessing/suspecting, that its either because (1) Packetbeat is not configured correctly and pulling that information or (2) Logstash
configuration file needs to be corrected. I'm posting my packetbeat.yml and logstash.conf file below, in th hopes that someone can point me in the right direction.

Logstash - sniff_search.conf

    input {
      beats { port => 5044 }
    filter {
      if "search" in [request]{
        grok { match => { "request" => ".*\n\{(?<query_body>.*)"} }
        grok { match => { "path" => "\/(?<index>.*)\/_search"} }
        if [index] { } 
        else { mutate { add_field  => { "index" => "All" } } }
        mutate { update  => { "query_body" => "{%{query_body}" } }
    output {
      if "search" in [request] and "ignore_unmapped" not in [query_body]{
        elasticsearch { hosts => "<ES MASTER NODE>:9200" }


      device: any
      type: af_packet

      timeout: 30s
      period: 10s

    - type: http    
      include_body_for: ["application/json", "x-www-form-urlencoded"]  
      ports: [9200]
      send_request: true   
      index.number_of_shards: 1
      host: "<KIBANA IP>:5601"

      hosts: ["<LOGSTASH IP>:5044"]

      - add_host_metadata: ~
      - add_cloud_metadata: ~
      - add_docker_metadata: ~

I run into the same environment, I'm using packetbeat 7.6.0 and also I can't see http responsetime in captured record

I'm still interested in someone who can provide some detail/reasoning on this issue.

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