Packetbeat data not going from ES to Kibana

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the best category, as it may be either an ElasticSearch or Kibana issue, but since I followed the guide found here: I think it's fair to create it here.

As mentioned, I followed the guide provided by Elastic, skipping the ES and Kibana installs as they were already installed. I tried installing Packetbeat on the ELK server, and also another server hosting mongodb.

When I followed the step which asks you to test it via creating a HTTP request ( "curl > /dev/null" ), I did this, and then did the curl ( "curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/packetbeat-*/_search?pretty' ") however no HTTP queries were returned by Elastic. I thought it was weird, so I installed it on the server hosting MongoDB, and again didn't see the HTTP query. What I did see however, was data from my MongoDB server - so this indicated it was working to me . Here's an example:

ubuntu@proxy01:/var/log/elasticsearch$ curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/packetbeat-*/_search?pretty'
"took" : 11,
"timed_out" : false,
"_shards" : {
"total" : 20,
"successful" : 20,
"failed" : 0
"hits" : {
"total" : 628816,
"max_score" : 1.0,
"hits" : [ {
"_index" : "packetbeat-2015.09.04",
"_type" : "mongodb",
"_id" : "AU-WuXSOCLSXQAff_ybn",
"_score" : 1.0,

When I continued the guide, following the steps for creating the packetbeat-* index pattern within Kibana, I couldn't see any data. Even after the weekend. So, following some troubleshooting advice with a nice man named "Warkolm" in IRC, I was able to further verify data in ES

ubuntu@proxy01:~$ curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices
yellow open logstash-2015.09.04 5 1 167712 0 81.5mb 81.5mb
yellow open packetbeat-2015.09.06 5 1 195938 0 25.4mb 25.4mb
yellow open logstash-2015.09.02 5 1 243716 0 47mb 47mb
yellow open logstash-2015.09.01 5 1 240887 0 45.2mb 45.2mb
yellow open packetbeat-2015.09.05 5 1 195951 0 25.5mb 25.5mb
yellow open packetbeat-2015.09.04 5 1 143022 0 65.3mb 65.3mb
yellow open logstash-2015.08.31 5 1 307528 0 86.8mb 86.8mb
yellow open .packetbeat-topology 5 1 2 0 12.8kb 12.8kb
yellow open packetbeat-2015.09.07 5 1 83439 0 22mb 22mb
yellow open logstash-2015.09.03 5 1 144903 0 64.4mb 64.4mb
yellow open logstash-2015.08.12 5 1 18 0 154kb 154kb
yellow open logstash-2015.08.28 5 1 182024 0 39.5mb 39.5mb
yellow open .kibana 1 1 3 1 14.1kb 14.1kb

Output of ES logfile:

ubuntu@proxy01:/var/log/elasticsearch$ cat logstash.log
[2015-09-07 00:00:02,988][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [smoker] [packetbeat-2015.09.07] creating index, cause [auto(bulk api)], shards [5]/[1], mappings [default]
[2015-09-07 00:00:03,843][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [smoker] [packetbeat-2015.09.07] update_mapping [mongodb] (dynamic)
[2015-09-07 06:33:49,082][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [smoker] [packetbeat-2015.09.07] update_mapping [http] (dynamic)

And here is a screenshot from Kibana:

At this point i'm quite stumped, so any further advice would be great

Just to add, after adding the index filter into KB ad then heading to discover, it just sits there.

I note that your hostname is proxy01, does that imply there is a proxy between KB and ES?

Happy to help :stuck_out_tongue:

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So data seems to be in Elasticsearch, but it's not shown by Kibana, right? Maybe try opening the developer console in your browser and see if it reports any Javascript errors.

I tried deleting and re-creating the index pattern packetbeat-* with timestamp, no dice though..

@warkolm - no, just the name of the host. And I am so sorry for calling you a lady!!! It was a long day

@tudor - there are some js errors relating to "timestamp" being a missing field. How can @timestamp be missing? Isnt it provided by ES? The error occurs each time I click "discover"

@timestamp is not provided by ES, it's just added by Logstash. Packetbeat uses timestamp, without the @. You should try deleting the index pattern in Kibana and add it again using timestamp for the timestamp field. If timestamp without the @ is not offered, I recommend going through: stop packetbeat, delete all packetbeat-* indexes, make sure the packetbeat template is loaded, start packetbeat.

@tudor that's exactly what I had done already - I did it again just for good measure and it did offer "timestamp" and not "@timestamp". It's still not showing up in Discover though.. It's kind of weird because the indices do match the packetbeat-* pattern thats created ..

Do you still see the JS exceptions talking about missing @timestamp? Maybe we've moved to another error now.

I have the similar issue, I can see the packetbeat-* indexes in ES, but the Kibana is now showing any packetbeat events. I use the following stacks:
packetbeat: 1.0.0
ES: 2.1.0
Kibana: 4.3.0

This is what I get from the ES.
[root@i-6d31fcdc ~]# curl -XGET ''
"took" : 20,
"timed_out" : false,
"_shards" : {
"total" : 35,
"successful" : 35,
"failed" : 0
"hits" : {
"total" : 651145,
"max_score" : 1.0,
"hits" : [ {
"_index" : "packetbeat-2015.12.18",
"_type" : "http",
"_id" : "AVG0YK-uqvqHQIKqybYs",
"_score" : 1.0,
"_source":{"@timestamp":"2015-12-18T09:16:53.097Z","beat":{"hostname":"i-1e3ffbae","name":"i-1e3ffbae"},"bytes_in":455,"bytes_out":725,"client_ip":"","client_port":11430,"client_proc":"","client_server":"","count":1,"direction":"in","http":{"code":200,"content_length":534,"phrase":"OK"},"ip":"","method":"GET","params":"","path":"/auth-services/oauth/validatetoken","port":80,"proc":"nginx","query":"GET /auth-services/oauth/validatetoken","real_ip":"","request":"GET /auth-services/oauth/validatetoken HTTP/1.1\r\nhost:\r\nAccept: text/plain, application/json, application/
+json, /\r\nAuthorization: Bearer160e0d7e-611a-443f-97cc-f924af6c5bf0\r\nCache-Control: no-cache\r\nnonce: 963e0180af86a91998cdb5d889ce447e\r\nPragma: no-cache\r\nts: 1450430212862\r\nUser-Agent: Java/1.7.0_91\r\nX-Forwarded-For:\r\nX-Forwarded-Port: 443\r\nX-Forwarded-Proto: https\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n","response":"HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nServer: nginx\r\nDate: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 09:16:53 GMT\r\nContent-Type: application/json\r\nContent-Length: 534\r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\nCache-Control: no-store\r\nPragma: no-cache\r\n\r\n","responsetime":4,"server":"i-1e3ffbae","status":"OK","tags":["pw-dev","pw","tomcat","auth-services","packetbeat"],"type":"http"}

I used following stacks before, the Kibana shows the packetbeat events welll.
packetbeat : 1.0.0-beta2
ES: 1.4.4
Kibana: 4.1.1