Packetbeat Kubernetes metadata processor configuration

We're trying to use the add_kubernetes_metadata processor in Packetbeat (7.15.1) to be able to identify the flows generated by the pods and possibly filter by Pods metadata such as namespace, labels, or annotations.

Is it possible with this processor in Packetbeat?

We tried the following configuration

    logging.level: debug
    logging.selectors: ["kubernetes"]
      - add_cloud_metadata:
      - add_kubernetes_metadata:
          in_cluster: true
          host: ${HOSTNAME}

The flows are collected properly but the Kubernetes metadata are not added to the events.

(The Kubernetes cluster is in version 1.18.10 and hosted on VMs.)

Below the logs at starting with the kubernetes log selector in DEBUG

INFO    procs/procs.go:103    Process watcher disabled
INFO    add_kubernetes_metadata/kubernetes.go:71    add_kubernetes_metadata: kubernetes env detected, with version: v1.18.10
INFO    [kubernetes]    kubernetes/util.go:122    kubernetes: Using node NODENAME_REDACTED provided in the config    {"libbeat.processor": "add_kubernetes_metadata"}                                                                                                  
DEBUG    [kubernetes]    add_kubernetes_metadata/kubernetes.go:170    Initializing a new Kubernetes watcher using host: NODENAME_REDACTED    {"libbeat.processor": "add_kubernetes_metadata"} 
DEBUG    [kubernetes]    kubernetes/watcher.go:184    cache sync done
DEBUG    [kubernetes]    kubernetes/watcher.go:184    cache sync done
DEBUG    [kubernetes]    kubernetes/watcher.go:184    cache sync done
DEBUG    [kubernetes]    add_kubernetes_metadata/matchers.go:161    Unable to apply field format pattern on event
DEBUG    [kubernetes]    add_kubernetes_metadata/kubernetes.go:256    No container match string, not adding kubernetes data {"libbeat.processor": "add_kubernetes_metadata"}

Do we need to configure the indexers, the matchers ?
We have found old topics regarding similar issue, but the solutions given are not working for us.
Anybody has a working configuration?

Any idea?

Thank you very much for your help!


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