Packetbeat not always populating "server" common field

Is there a reason that packetbeat would not always collect the server field?

I'm collecting tls packets and only sending events that have the tls.handshake_completed field.

- type: tls
  send_certificates: false
  include_raw_certificates: false
  ports: [443]

packetbeat.ignore_outgoing: true

- drop_event:
        has_fields: ['tls.handshake_completed']

I tried comparing the events which did have the server field to the ones that did not, and I wasn't seeing any noticeable patterns.


server gets populated with the tls.client_hello.extensions.server_name_indication value. So if the client doesn't specify a SNI then server won't be populated.

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Thank you for the quick response. That makes sense.

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