PacketBeat not loading dashboards to kibana

I have packetbeat running on a windows server that's sending logs to an ubuntu 16 server.
I'm receiving logs without issue, but the dashboards from the beats install either not being loaded or I simply can't open them, as there is no 'open' option under dashboards.

I have done what the included page[1] has told me to do and set setup.dashboards.enabled to true, but when I do that and restart the service, it fails and won't run until I set the value back to false.


Hello @imparker if you set setup.dashboards.enabled to true and if you start packetbeat with the following flags it should give us more context about why it fails. Can you add the output to this post.

./packetbeat -v -e -d "*" -c myconfig

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Exiting: error loading config file: open myconfig: The system cannot find the file specified.

Just so I know I'm doing this right, I'm running this on the windows server that packetbeat is installed on, correct?

it should work on windows, but you have to replace myconfig with your packetbeat.yml

Oh, whoops. here's what I get.

Can you connect to that URL from the machine? Sound like either a bad URL or firewall?

Firewall on server is off, UFW rules allow port 5601. I also want to note that packetbeat is unable to start when I have setup.dashboards.enabled set to true. Would that play into it?

Well from what I see this is a startup error when reaching Kibana,

  1. Look at the Kibana URL that packetbeat use to connect
  2. Are you able to connect from the Filebeat machine to the Kibana host with this url, maybe using chrome?

Browsing to or just fails to connect to the server.
Testing the connection with test-netconnection fails as well.

Currently the only way I can access the kibana interface is by opening a browser on the machine it's on and going to http://localhost:5601 Would I need to specify that port in a physical firewall?

Changing the host address in the kibana.yml to fixed the issue.

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