Packetbeat not publishing events to remote tcp on windows

(Abhinav) #1

I checked that TCP connection was established with mac machine where ELK setup is running. I am trying to output the logs to logstash. Following are my packetbeat.yml and logs I collected by running packetbeat.exe in debug mode. I checked somewhere that Logs folder should be created, which is not being created. Thanks in advance. (Nice software, Running fine on MAC)


      device: 0
        ports: [80, 8080]
        hosts: [""]

PS C:\Program Files\Packetbeat> & "C:\Program Files\Packetbeat\packetbeat.exe" -c "C:\Program Files\Packetbeat\packetbeat.yml" -e -v -d "*"

2016/02/27 18:44:59.447493 beat.go:135: DBG  Initializing output plugins
2016/02/27 18:44:59.447493 geolite.go:24: INFO GeoIP disabled: No paths were set under output.geoip.paths
2016/02/27 18:44:59.448497 logstash.go:106: INFO Max Retries set to: 3
2016/02/27 18:44:59.450498 client.go:90: DBG  connect
2016/02/27 18:45:01.245281 outputs.go:119: INFO Activated logstash as output plugin.
2016/02/27 18:45:01.246281 publish.go:232: DBG  Create output worker
2016/02/27 18:45:01.247312 publish.go:274: DBG  No output is defined to store the topology. The server fields might not
be filled.
2016/02/27 18:45:01.249310 publish.go:288: INFO Publisher name: harish
2016/02/27 18:45:01.260320 async.go:78: INFO Flush Interval set to: 1s
2016/02/27 18:45:01.261320 async.go:84: INFO Max Bulk Size set to: 2048
2016/02/27 18:45:01.262299 async.go:92: DBG  create bulk processing worker (interval=1s, bulk size=2048)
2016/02/27 18:45:01.264343 beat.go:147: INFO Init Beat: packetbeat; Version: 1.1.1
2016/02/27 18:45:01.273349 packetbeat.go:166: DBG  Initializing protocol plugins
2016/02/27 18:45:01.274350 mongodb.go:73: DBG  Init a MongoDB protocol parser
2016/02/27 18:45:01.275356 memcache.go:105: DBG  init memcache plugin
2016/02/27 18:45:01.277352 memcache.go:158: DBG  maxValues = 0
2016/02/27 18:45:01.279354 memcache.go:159: DBG  maxBytesPerValue = 2147483647
2016/02/27 18:45:01.287388 icmp.go:69: DBG  Local IP addresses: [fe80::ddc:ff02:3e28:e24 fe80::a505:772e:1
3cc:6d59 fe80::cdea:a46f:fcbe:6f78 fe80::b0e8:27ee:a4cc:5145 ::1 2001
:0:9d38:90d7:8e8:9ad:8c9e:8b1d fe80::8e8:9ad:8c9e:8b1d fe80::5efe:c0a8:7]
2016/02/27 18:45:01.289364 tcp.go:251: DBG  tcp%!(EXTRA string=Port map: %v, map[uint16]protos.Protocol=map[80:http 8080
2016/02/27 18:45:01.290390 udp.go:93: DBG  Port map: map[]
2016/02/27 18:45:01.292369 packetbeat.go:212: DBG  Initializing sniffer
2016/02/27 18:45:01.294375 sniffer.go:251: DBG  BPF filter: tcp port 80 or tcp port 8080
2016/02/27 18:45:01.475537 sniffer.go:119: INFO Resolved device index 0 to device: \Device\NPF_{B4C8F6CC-FD0F-4B96-81B1-
2016/02/27 18:45:01.475537 sniffer.go:130: DBG  Sniffer type: pcap device: \Device\NPF_{B4C8F6CC-FD0F-4B96-81B1-0DBCD23E
2016/02/27 18:45:01.491548 decoder.go:63: DBG  Layer type: Ethernet
2016/02/27 18:45:01.491548 beat.go:173: INFO packetbeat sucessfully setup. Start running.
2016/02/27 18:45:01.491548 packetbeat.go:244: DBG  Waiting for the sniffer to finish
2016/02/27 18:45:01.492550 service_windows.go:49: DBG  Windows is interactive: true
2016/02/27 18:45:01.994033 sniffer.go:297: DBG  Interrupted
2016/02/27 18:45:02.494746 sniffer.go:297: DBG  Interrupted
2016/02/27 18:45:02.995001 sniffer.go:297: DBG  Interrupted

(Steffen Siering) #2

No idea about windows from my side, but in your logs I don't see any HTTP being processed at all. When running with -d '*' the http module should print some logs when parsing messages. I see you have multiple IP addresses, have you configured the correct device?

(system) #3