Packetbeat on Win2016 Core



I am trying to deploy Packetbeat 6.1.2 on a Windows 2016 Standard Core using Ansible. I install WinPcap using the win_chocolatey module in Ansible, and then Packetbeat calling the supplied powershell-script. I use the default packetbeat.yml, with the exception of changing the packet.interfaces.device to either of my interfaces listed when I run netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces. I presume its the Idx value I should use? I get a non-descriptive error in powershell when I try Start-Service packetbeat.

No logs gets generated in C:\ProgramData\packetbeat\logs, the packetbeat folder does not even get created. In the Eventlog System I get 2 entries per attempt:
One timeout waiting for the packetbeat to connect, and one with a generic event about timely fashion.

Nothing exists outside this Windows host, but surely the service should start without valid output hosts?


Tried the Windows 2016 with the whole GUI, and not the semi-GUI that exists in Core, and that gave me a "nice" dialog box stating I didnĀ“t have a wpcap.dll when I tried packetbeat.exe -e -d "*". After a manualchoco install winpcap --force packetbeat spun up nicely.

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