Packetbeat: Postgres Module No Data

I'm trying to test packetbeat (6.8.7) for tracking postgres transactions. I have flow, dns and pgsql modules enabled. I have the index template loaded and am seeing data in kibana for types flow and dns.

However, I'm seeing no data appearing for postgres. I've turned on debug logging and see this in the logs:

2020-03-25T12:07:14.486Z	DEBUG	[pgsql]	pgsql/parse.go:36	pgsqlMessageParser, off=0
2020-03-25T12:07:14.486Z	DEBUG	[pgsqldetailed]	pgsql/parse.go:58	parseMessageStart
2020-03-25T12:07:14.486Z	DEBUG	[pgsqldetailed]	pgsql/parse.go:124	Wait for more data
2020-03-25T12:07:14.486Z	DEBUG	[pgsqldetailed]	pgsql/parse.go:51	pgsqlMessageParser return: ok=true, complete=false, off=0
2020-03-25T12:07:14.486Z	DEBUG	[pgsqldetailed]	pgsql/pgsql.go:261	Len data: 23749 cap data: 24576

...endlessly repeated with no errors. I'm also seeing no errors in the elasticsearch logs.

What do I need to do in order capture and index this postgres data?


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