Parse Log file using Filebeat, filter the data and save it to elasticsearch database


I have to read a log file using File Beat, apply few filters and then save this filtered data to Elastic Search database using PUT and POST queries.

  1. I could read log file, get the data in elastic search.
  2. I could save and query dummy data to and from elastic search database.

I am unable to create a link between the 2 processes. I have data in elastic search. How does it get filtered based on keywords and how can I save that data into the database.

Please help.

Neha jain

@Nehajain, If i am understanding correctly your question you want to store your data in elasticsearch and then want to query it.

If this is the case then you can use Filbeat->elasticsearch->kibana or Filebeat->logstash->elasticserach->kibana architecture.


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