Parse two log files into Single index in ES via Logstash


I have two log files and I want to merge the data from two log files and index the data into the same document.

Log file 1 format:

Log file 2 format:

Currently I'm able to parse the above two log files using two seperate GROK match patterns. But I want to index these two log files in to single index as below.

        "_index" : "my-index",
        "_type" : "doc",
        "_id" : "va_TbWoBfjxVI6P8WKhc",
        "_score" : 1.0,
        "_source" : {
          "@timestamp" : "2019-04-30T10:38:46.065Z",
          "status" : "Completed",
          "@version" : "1",
          "job_name" : "my-job-2",
          "application_name" : "my-app-name",
          "avg_time_taken" : 500

Is this possible via Logstash ?

Take a look at this.

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