Parse XML Using Logstash


I have a XML in below format:

<OrderEvent actionCode = "5">

Filebeat picks up this xml and sends to logstash.

In logstash, I have below code for XML filter plugin.

xml {
source => "message"
store_xml => true
namespaces => {
"xsl" => ""
"xhtml" => ""

When I view the results on Kibana, I am not getting the results properly. Although it is picking up the XML. But the values which I require are different.

Values displayed on Kibana are:

  •  <OrderEvent actionCode = "5">
  •   <OrderNumber>ORD12345</OrderNumber>
  •  <VendorNumber>V11111</VendorNumber>

But values which I want to get is:

Field Name: actionCode and value = 5
Field Name: OrderNumber and value = ORD12345
Field Name: VendorNumber and value = V11111

Can anyone please help.


On the Filebeat side you need to use a multiline configuration to join all lines of the file into a single event. Examples of how this can be done has been posted in the past.

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