Parsing a message after the pattern

New to logstash -

I'm trying to add a field that contains the http host value (

I have the combinedlog pattern to match the "message" field and now I'm trying to use the addfield but i don't know how to reference the pattern field referrer within the addfield command.

addfield => [ "httphost" => pattern field %{referrer} regex: ^http://./.?$ ]

I don't know the correct syntax for applying a regex to a field derived from the match pattern.

Hi cisaksen,

	grok {
		match          	=> [ "message", "(?<httphost>^http://./.?$) "]

? will add the new field with the regex you define behind it, like shown above

Not sure I'm getting this right.

Can I have 2 match commands on the message

grok { 
      match => { "message" => "%{SED_NGINX_COMBINE}" }	
      match => [ "message", "(?<httphost>^http://./.?$) " ]

I'm trying to use the pattern file method. Can I have multiple pattern definitions in a single file or is it 1 pattern definition per file ?

in side the pattern file

SED_HTTPHOST ^http://./.?$

then in the grok statement

match => { "message" => "%{SED_NGINX_COMBINE} %{SED_HTTPHOST:httphost}" }

SED_NGINX_COMBINED is also defined in the pattern file.

should this work ?

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