Parsing custom date with Filebeat (or Logstash)


I have some logs that I want to sent into an Elastic index.

Log lines examples :

"1","O","I","190312 135108","E","165","1024000","FTP","GREENTRF","TST02","/home/gateway/","test054","TSTTST01","GREENTRF","TST02"
"1","O","I","190312 135108","E","165","1024000","FTP","GREENTRF","TST02","/home/gateway/","test055","TSTTST01","GREENTRF","TST02"
"1","O","I","190312 135108","E","165","1024000","FTP","GREENTRF","TST02","/home/gateway/","test056","TSTTST01","GREENTRF","TST02"
"1","O","I","190312 135108","E","0","1024000","FTP","GREENTRF","TST02","/home/gateway/","test057","TSTTST01","GREENTRF","TST02"
"1","O","I","190312 135108","E","0","1024000","FTP","GREENTRF","TST02","/home/gateway/","test058","TSTTST01","GREENTRF","TST02"
"1","O","I","190312 135108","E","0","1024000","FTP","GREENTRF","TST02","/home/gateway/","test059","TSTTST01","GREENTRF","TST02"

The date is in the 3rd field : "190312 135108"
==> 12 March 2019 13:51:08

The goal is to use this field as timestamp in the target index.

How can this be done with filebeat ?
Is it even possible ?

If not, I would use Logstash with the "date" filter.

Thank you

Probably this might help


Thanks for this link, but already read and it doesn't help because it doesn't seem to support "custom" formats.

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