Parsing dictionary into json file


I would like to parse a json file, my file looks like that:


using this filter:

json {
            source => "message"


I get only these fields: "alarm.error" and "alaram.warning"

I would like to get this field: alarm, then in kibana I can select which level of alarm ("error","warning"...) and show the value of each level.

I tried to use split but I don't think we can split a dictionary.

Thank your for your help

What you have is an alarm object that contains warning and error fields. In kibana that will show up as alarm.error and alarm.warning

      "name" => "test",
     "alarm" => {
    "warning" => 3,
      "error" => 2
        "id" => "*******",

Yes, but what I would like to have is a new filter named for example alarmLevel and inside there is the level : warning, error, info...
the desired output is

 {"name" => "test",
 "alarmlevel" => "warning",
 "id" => "*******"},
{"name" => "test",
     "alarmlevel" => "error",
     "id" => "*******"}

You could try this

    ruby {
        code => '
            a = []
            event.get("alarm").each { |k, v|
                h =
                h["alarmLevel"] = k
                h["alarmValue"] = v
                a << h
            event.set("alarm", a)
    split { field => "alarm" }

If you need to then move the contents of alarm to the root level look at this.

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Hello Badger,

This gives me the following Error:
Ruby exception occured : undefined method 'each' for NilClass.

Which means the class 'alarm' doesn't exist right ?


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If we added "[ ]" at the beginning and the end of the value of alarmMetadata with logstash, would it create the field "alarmMetadata" ? So the dictionary turns into a list..

That would be {}, not

    mutate { gsub => [ "message", "^", "{", "message", "$", "}" ] }
    json { source => "message" }

will result in

"alarmMetadata" => {
    "criticalAlarmCount" => 29,
       "minorAlarmCount" => 6,
     "warningAlarmCount" => 0,
       "majorAlarmCount" => 0
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Thanks a lot

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