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I'm using logstash 6.6.0 and I would like to convert this value: "[34mems_1 |[0m" for this: "ems".

I look forward to hearing from you

Hi Angie,

not knowing what possible other values look like, I would say something like
would work.

You might want to use the Grok Debugger in Kibana to test.

Thx for quick answer.
Actually, the problem is more complicated. Below is my messages, which is very irregular:

[32;1mems_1 |[0m 2019-05-23 08:09:16.764 DEBUG 41 --- [ main] e.m.event.brokercep.cep.CepService : CepService.addAggregatorFunction(): function=EVALAGG, aggregator-factory-class=.cep.CepEvalAggregatorFactory


[34mdlmswebservice_1 |[0m 2019-05-23 08:09:10.444 DEBUG 41 --- [ main] org.hibernate.type.EnumType : Using ORDINAL-based conversion for Enum DataSourceType

I use grok debugger
match => {"message"=> "%{GREEDYDATA:logger-name} %{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp} %{LOGLEVEL:log-level} %{GREEDYDATA:info}" }
overwrite => ["message"]

and it looks quite okey, beside first value.

Do you have any advice for me in this case?

Thanks in advance

Your pattern already extracts the first part into logger-name, which is good to know.
The surrounding characters are basically from Bash Coloring, which you would need to remove, first.

You can either include it in your grok pattern like I posted before, or you could use a mutate to remove them, like in this sample:

I'm not sure whether the Escape-Character would need to be included, but this StackOverflow question has some input, possibly:

Adapting the gist I linked to your output:

mutate {
  gsub => ["logger-name", "\x1B\[([0-9]{1,2}(;[0-9]{1,2})?)?[m|K]", ""]

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