Parsing JSON along with double Quotes

Hi all,

I am trying to parse the following json which contains spec field.

{"multiplier":1,"name":"bullet","spec":"Deluxe Sink, two compartment, 87"W x 30"D x 41"H, 16/300 stainless steel, 24" x 24" x 11-1/2" deep compartments, 36" with stainless steel adjustable feet, NSF"}

To get the output as in csv with every field enclosed by double quotes.
For eg: "1","bullet","Deluxe Sink,.......................,NSF"

To get enclosed with double quotes , i am adding a Quotes field in filter and concatenating it with the file input plugin

{ mutate {add_field => {"Quotes" => ' " '} }

output {file {
path => ["E:\work\logstash\logstash-5.5.0\input\FOB.csv"]
codec => line { format => "%{Quotes}%{multiplier}%{Quotes},%{Quotes}%{name}%{Quotes},%{Quotes}%{spec}%{Quotes}"}

But the comma inside the spec field is being separated to other fields

Please guide me , Thanks in Advance

The JSON string you provided is not valid JSON. To make this valid JSON you need to escape the quotes within the spec field:

	"multiplier": 1,
	"name": "bullet",
	"spec": "Deluxe Sink, two compartment, 87\"W x 30\"D x 41\"H, 16/300 stainless steel, 24\" x 24\" x 11-1/2\" deep compartments, 36\" with stainless steel adjustable feet, NSF"

Easiest way to sort this might be to change the source to emit valid JSON so that you can use the json filter.

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