Parsing lines that only match a start string

Please if you can help.
How can we get logstash to log only the lines starting with "central-logging": "true" and ignore rest which we dont need.

{ "central-logging": "true", "log-date": "2020-01-15 11:19:08 UTC", "severity": "INFO", "BuildSetID": "sim-12345678", "Process": "CheckJobInputs", "log-message": "Directory: /images exists"}

If by ignore you mean "discard all other events and not even index them", you can start your filter with a condition to drop the messages that won't match a regexp !~ looking for log contents that start with ^ your desired string. The curly bracket must be escaped \{.

That is:

  if [message] !~ /^\{ "central-logging": "true"/ {
    drop { } 

Having said that, if you may want to process the other lines in the future, it may be worth taking a look at the json filter and set conditions depending on the existence or value of "central-logging".

Hi Andres
I have a huge log and i just want to print the line that matches with { "central-logging": "true", withing the message


So, either you discard all the other messages (as I have described in my previous comment) or you add a condition in the output section to log only the messages that match =~ your string.

You can see examples in the documentation:

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