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Hi -
I have the below message coming to the ELK, and I'd like to parse those values and create a mapping (Key => Value) and add as separate field in Elastic Search.


Please let me know how could I do this.

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You'll have to use a ruby filter that loops over the items in the [json][Terminal] field and adds the new fields. Something like this should work:

event.get('[json][Terminal]').each { |h|
  event.set(h['Name'], h['Value'])


Thanks @magnusbaeck.

That worked, Things I wanted to know:

How do I change the data type of the fields getting created. We'd expect this to be Integer.

And I've a field image
I'd need to split the values with the (Colan(';')) separated and push it to 4 different fields.
I've a ruby script created:

filter {
ruby {
code => "
data = event.get('CpuLoad').split(';')
data.each_index {|i| event[i.to_s]=times[i]
if times[i] == '4'
event['IndexValue'] = event['id'].index(4)}

It would be really a great help if you could help me out on this. Thanks !

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See Keep in mind that if the destination field exists in ES as a string field you'll have to reindex the current index or create a new index to actually map the field as an integer.


Thanks so much for your quick reply @magnusbaeck.
Could you please help me out with the other question:

And I’ve a field image
I’d need to split the values with the (Colan(’;’)) separated and push it to 4 different fields.
I’ve a ruby script created but it doesn't seems to be alright: Could you please have a look:

filter {
ruby {
code => “
data = event.get(‘CpuLoad’).split(’;’)
data.each_index {|i| event[i.to_s]=times[i]
if times[i] == '4’
event[‘IndexValue’] = event[‘id’].index(4)}


Thank in advance.

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Except that I don't know what times comes from the script looks more or less correct. Replace times[i] with data[i]?

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