Parsing multiline logs in Logstash

I am using Logstash to parse my multiline logs. I have used multiline in filebeat. I am able to use grok filter for the first line of the log. But the pattern is not same for all multiline logs. For example, my logs are:

[timestamp] [bla] [bla] [[
at bla
at bla
at bla

I want information given by A, B ,C. Position of A, B, C in the logs is not always same. Also, there are few logs in which A, B, C do not exist. Can I use grok pattern or anything to create fields from A, B, C? If yes, then how?

Maybe it's the aggregate plugin which you're looking for?

Can you configure FB or LS multiline to treat any line which does not begin with a timestamp to be multiline and fold it into the previous line.

That should get you the whole thing in one blob.

You could then test to see if A is in there and if so grok it. Repeat for B. Reapeat for C.

I know about multiline pattern. And Logstash will consider it as a single log. But the position of A, B, C is not fixed. Here is my problem. How will I know here is A and I will use conditions accordingly?

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