Parsing multiple JSON entries merged inside 1 "message" of filebeat input Azure Blob Storage

Hello Everyone,
I am currently trying to parse a message that contains multiple JSON entries with filebeat input Azure Blob Storage. I have tried using decode_json_fields, multiline but it seems like "multiline" only works for logs or filestream. The decode_json_fields is also not working.

An example of what I am working with below:


{"fruit": "Apple", "size": "Large", "color": "Red"}
{"fruit": "Apple", "size": "Large", "color": "Red"}
{"fruit": "Apple", "size": "Large", "color": "Red"}

Within the server the actual data inside the message looks like this:


What I would like to get is:

  1. For the data to come in the follwoing format below within the message and for each entrie to be a seperate message:
      "fruit": "Apple",
      "size": "Large",
      "color": "Red"

Does azure blob storage have any limitation for parsing the JSON messages within or what I am looking for?

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Hi @Marquito ,

This issue should now be resolved in 8.6.2 and above.