Parsing timestamp

trying to parse with this :slight_smile:

if "one-sync" in [tags] and "heart-sync" in [tags] and "edemand" in [tags] and "events" in [tags] {
    date {
        match => ["timestamp", "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'.'SSS'Z'"]
        timezone => "GMT"
        target => "@timestamp"}

log looks like this:
{"level":"debug","message":"Received resonse 4611 ","timestamp":"2022-05-26T12:06:11.079Z"}

What is the question?

Since you already have in the valid time format, use:

      date {
        match => [ "timestamp", "ISO8601" ]

Well, it doesn't seem to parse the date. It doesn't throw an error just doesn't work,
Perhaps the conditionig syntext is off ?

If there is no _dateparsefailure tag then either the source field does not exist or the conditional is preventing the date filter from processing the event.

If there is no error, that means it's fine now on LS side, recreate index pattern because time was string before, now is date.

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