Parsing xml with name value pairs?

Can someone please provide an example config file setup to parse a xml file with name value pairs? I have a sample xml input below:

<MOBILE_COMMUNICATION LastSyncTs="2016-09-06T22:54:55.631Z" Type="Incremental_Sync_vod">
 <MOBILE_TRANSACTIONS id="98968721-BD53-4126-A3A7-F5F3B6A2C3BE" type="CRASHLOG">
  <OBJECT name="LOG">
    <FIELD name="ORGID" value="data"/>
    <FIELD name="USERNAME" value="data"/>
    <FIELD name="USERID" value="data"/>
    <FIELD name="IREPVERSION" value="27.0.4"/>
    <FIELD name="MEMORYUSAGE" value="N/A"/>
    <FIELD name="IPADVERSION" value="iPad4,1"/>
    <FIELD name="IOSVERSION" value="7.1.2"/>
    <FIELD name="BREADCRUMBS" value=""/>
    <FIELD name="CRASHTIMESTAMP" value="2016-09-07 06:28:29 +0000"/>
    <FIELD name="CRASHHASH" value="f26d551d97106f4d5d0eb306b042a4f0"/>
    <FIELD name="CRASHLOG" value="data"/>

Particularly, I need to retrieve all name and value pairs inside FIELD.

Have you tried using the xml filter? It won't give you exactly what you want out of the box but it'll be a good starting point.

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