Part of the file bit 'daemonset pod' is CrashLoopBackOff

I configured Filebeat + Logstash in Kubernetes environment.
It is working normally, but some of the Filebeat 'demonsets' do not appear to be working normally.
What kind of problem?

filebeat-1              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-2              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-3              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-4              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-5              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-6              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-7              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-8              0/1     CrashLoopBackOff   212 (75s ago)     
filebeat-9              0/1     OOMKilled          212 (5m17s ago)   
filebeat-10              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-11              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-12              1/1     Running            7 (17h ago)       
filebeat-13              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-14              1/1     Running            0                 
filebeat-15              1/1     Running            0                 

Hi @oliverpark999 welcome to the community.

Indicates that it filebeat ran Out Of Memory- OOM, you need to provide more resources to filebeat in the pod spec specifically memory.

Increase the memory, these are the defaults perhaps double the memory

            memory: 200Mi
            cpu: 100m
            memory: 100Mi

Share your filebeat manifest.

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