I'm new to logstash and i need help parsing only error logs when loglevel == error i have tried many filtrations on here and im not getting the result i need.
here is a sample of my error log. i just want to pick any log that contains error on the loglevel as shown below as you can see the message pattern changes thats why i only want to pick only the loglevel error.

172923612 ERROR [WebContainer : 25] uslessattention.nothinghereSODAO 2020-10-17 19:11:12,955 - checkCcEnrollednothing: nothing(s) are enrolled for this manmade but not permissioned for user -

173083431 ERROR [WorkManager.7000_WM_lizzard : 5711] uslessattention.nothinghere 2020-10-17 19:13:52,774 - checkCcEnrollednothin: No accounts enrolled for this service -

11473239 ERROR [WebContainer : 4] messagenothinghere.imnotjoiking 2020-10-16 15:22:03,360 - doStartTag(): ~CRITICAL ERROR~ : Please check id headerror =>, nothing=15555555888 -

You could extract the loglevel using dissect (or grok) or you could pattern match the line

if [message] !~ /^\d+ ERROR / { drop {} }

thanks Badger but doesnt that mean i will have to state all the patterns?

and also this if statement will it be in the output or filtration section?

sorry im asking a silly question this is new to me and im trying to understand it.

No, the filter I showed will drop any message unless it begins with a number and the text ERROR. That would keep all of the messages you showed.

You would add that to the filter section.

thank you so much Badger

so something like this ??

filter {

 if ([message] !~ /^\d+ ERROR / { drop {} }) 
    add_field => {"appcode" => "7000"}
output { 

stdout {
codec => rubydebug

Yes, but you would need to remove the ( and )

Thanks so much Basger

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