Perfmon Data Visualization

Hi ,

Please help me plotting graph for CPU ,Memory & other parameters(Y-axis) with time(X-axis).
I am not able able to plot the graphs as getting warning for analysed field.
Please suggest where I am missing.

PFB logstash config file details:-
input {

  file {
      path => "D:\PerfmonData\PFD14_01_2016\PFData_14_01_2016.csv"
      start_position => "beginning"


filter {
csv {
columns => ["IST", "ProcessorIdleTime", "ProcessorInterruptTime", "ProcessorTime","PhysicalDiskIdleTime","PhysicalDisk_DiskTime","MemoryAvailableByte","MemoryPagePerSec","LogicalDiskIdleTime","LogicalDiskFreeSpace"]
separator => ","
mutate {

    convert => [ "ProcessorIdleTime", "float" ]
    convert => [ "ProcessorInterruptTime", "float" ]
    convert => [ "ProcessorTime", "float" ]
    convert => [ "PhysicalDiskIdleTime", "float" ]
convert => [ "PhysicalDisk_DiskTime", "float" ]
convert => [ "MemoryAvailableByte", "float" ]
convert => [ "MemoryPagePerSec", "float" ]
convert => [ "LogicalDiskIdleTime", "float" ]
convert => [ "LogicalDiskFreeSpace", "float" ]

output {
elasticsearch {
action => "index"

    index => "perfmondataindex"

I have kept the issue under logstash ,please let me know if it is required to be changed.

can you tell me why are you storing the things in csv and moving to logstash? and also output dont have elasticsearch hosts details

I highly recommend you take a look at this project,

You can then either send it to a graphite server of some kind (perhaps InfluxDB) and view with Grafana. Or any other metric system that handles the graphite format.

But you can also just use the TCP/UDP input in Logstash to easily parse the string that is sent and store it in Elasticsearch. After that you have three very good options to view the data, Kibana, Timelion but also Grafana.

Thank you for the reply.
I have been working to understand Graphite-PowerShell-Functions(Referring:-
In the mean time I found out that passing codec => "json" in Output{} & using "mutate" to parameter in float within filter helped to get the values at kibana for visualization.