Permission Denied Issue using Logstash

(Soo-Hwan, Kim) #1

Hi, I've been started ELK Stack (+Filebeat) for one week.

I'm trying to transfer log files data using Filebeat and Logstash to ElasticSearch.

Here, my Logstash configuration file.

And I started Logstash and received error message just like this.

I've got more messages but I can't open here.
How can I do in this situation?

Give me a solution plz.

(Alex Stiff) #2

Does your user have write permission to /Users/ Does a logstash-plain.log already exist, and if it does, do you have write permissions on it?

(Soo-Hwan, Kim) #3

Thanks Alex.

I already have a logstash-plain.log file, so I gave write permissions to it.
And then it works !!

But, next step I got a message like this.....

I think it is same problem (write permission)
So I gave write permissions ....

After giving write permissions, it works well..
Thanks again !!

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