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hi All!

just a quick question regarding the statistics with persistent queues enabled: the pipeline stats command localhost:9600/_node/stats/pipeline?pretty shows an empty queue:

    "queue" : {
      "events" : 0,
      "type" : "persisted",
      "capacity" : {
        "page_capacity_in_bytes" : 262144000,
        "max_queue_size_in_bytes" : 1073741824,
        "max_unread_events" : 0
      "data" : {
        "path" : "/var/lib/logstash/queue/main",
        "free_space_in_bytes" : 14430138368,
        "storage_type" : "ext4"
    "id" : "main"

but the logstash process has been running many hours already with the disconnected ES output (the ES server is unreachable, LS receiving new messages all the time).
I would expect to see a non-zero queue, as the messages cannot be sent out.
Am I looking at the wrong place?


I just restarted the LS instance (ES is still unreachable), now the stats is shown:

    "queue" : {
      "events" : 132062,
      "type" : "persisted",

although new messages are coming in, the counter is not increasing. So, must be something wrong with the counter...

Ok, one more update, after connecting to ES and sending out all queued messages, the stats counter still shows the previous number "events" : 132062


I upgraded LS to the latest version 5.4.3, the same behaviour - the event counter is not changing.
Could someone from the ES team please confirm, if this is an issue and some one is working on it?
Thanks a lot!

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How are you checking if the counter is increasing? Can you show your method?