PF_RING on Packetbeat error chinese

1、I want to use PF_RING for Packetbeat and then install PF_RING on my CentOS(1161 min),PF_RING is work.
[root@packetbeat packetbeat]# lsmod |grep pf_ring
pf_ring 1234205 0
2、 I clone the latest version beats from github,and with golang(version:1.8) to recompile it , compile successfully.but run ./packetbeat,it show error:panic: runtime error: cgo argument has Go pointer to Go pointer.
3、i change the version of go (version:1.5),It cannot be recompiled ,show error:cannot find package "context" in any of:

so,i have no idea about how to user PF_RING on packetbeat,anyone can help me?