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Hi all!

I've discovered very useful php-fpm module of metricbeat fror pool state monitoring and it works like a charm. But for deeper investigation of fpm-related issues I need to know what script is running now. There is a ?full parameter for request URI, which gives per-process information in pool.
How can I configure metricbeat php-fpm module to harvest such info? Module documentation says nothing and available list of exported fields has no entries I would like to see.

In other words, I need a possibility to configure status_path of module like this:

status_path: "/status-fpm?full"

Any thoughts?

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Currently, Metricbeat's php-fpm module does not support parsing of the full status. It looks like a nice feature to have, though.

Can you open a enhancement request in the Beats repo?

( Or, if you feel brave enough, you can also contribute the code :smiley: )

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Not so brave, sorry :pensive:
But I'll try to open request, thanks!

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