Pid(/var/run/ file is not being created

I started using latest logstash(5.0) on ubuntu16.0 version and finding that /var/run/ is not being created.

I'm able run log stash successfully using sysctrl start logstash.service but pid file is not being created.

I'm using monit to monitor logstash using pid file. Can you please help me in configuration to get pid file?


you would have to check your startup script to see what is going on as logstash itself does not write a PID file

  1. does logstash run as root or does it have access to /var/run (Probably not if it is not root) also I thought it might log the pid to /var/run/logstash/

I'm not sure Logstash's systemd setup uses PID files. Have a look in the unit file. Is there a PIDFile option? And do you really need Monit to monitor your process when you have systemd?

There is no PIDFile option. Ideally it should honor the config file option
LS_PIDFILE in statup.options. I tried PIDFile option in systemd unit file
but still it's not writing. I'm not sure about the reason.
But if we take elastic search it still writes pid
in /var/run/elasticsearch/ file. So i'm wondering why
logstash has broken it in 5.0

monit is better way for us to monitor process stats(memory, cpu etc) from
centralized location. We depend on monit and M/Monit for centralized
monitoring of all systems in our deployment.

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