Pipeline Output Filter not accepting existing fields from an event as parameter


Im trying out pipeline-to-pipeline connections (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/pipeline-to-pipeline.html), and apparently the output filter does not recognize existing fields of an event as a parameter.

# if fields.docType exists, send to pipeline "{fields.docType}", else send to pipeline "default"
   output {
      if [fields][docType] {
        pipeline { send_to =>  "%{[fields][docType]}" }
      } else {
        pipeline { send_to => default }

It still goes to the "default" pipeline even fields.docType(="RSA SecOps") exists in the event, and pipeline "RSA SecOps" exists in Logstash.
Please advise if that is even feasible to have dynamic parameter for "send_to" param in pipeline filter. Thanks.


Frankly I am amazed you do not get a configuration error on startup. I thought there had to be matching inputs and outputs. pipeline-to-pipeline cannot support this.

It took '%{[fields][docType]}' as an actual string and used it. It complained if I hadn't put the double quote in the config.

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