Pipeline to Pipelines configuration


I want to use the pipeline to pipeline communication in pipeline creation in kibana, But i want the same input to send to 2 different pipelines.

My code is the following but doesn't seem to work.

input {
    beats {
        port => 5044

output {
    if "filebeat-lasernet" in [fields][pipeline] {
        pipeline { send_to => "filebeat-lasernet" },
        pipeline { send_to => "filebeat-ml" }
    else {
        pipeline { send_to => fallback }

Any help on that one?

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Does this get errors? Output to neither or just one pipeline?

This doc has a different syntax:

output { pipeline { send_to => ["internal-es", "partner-s3"] } }

Hello Len,

Thank you for your reply yes it works.

The issue was also that i had to declare the filebeat-ml pipeline on both yaml files of logstash instances that i have, because i have a 2 nodes testing cluster.

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Logstash multi-pipelines in a multi-server environment is an example of why we need devops management! I use Ansible to manage all of our BELK stack config so I know the same syntax gets deployed to all servers for a specific roll and that the changes are tested, rolled thru QA and then to production.

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