Please distribute for s390x

When I download the latest stable Logstash from here, which at the time of writing is v5.6.2, I see a structure of folders that has me perplexed. There is a compiled shared object binary called libjffi that is required to run Logstash. I am trying to run Logstash on the s390x architecture.

Seen here:

Typically, what people have done is download the libjffi source and just compiled it dutifully on s390x to get

Back when I first encountered this situation, I looked for days and days, scouring the internet for a place where I could Just download I found it for x86_64 and several other common architectures in Debian's repositories as well as Ubuntus package repositories, but I couldn't find it for s390x. So I understood why it wasn't included in the Logstash build.

NOW however, I can see it available right here. And indeed, when I do apt-get install libjffi-jni on my s390x server, I get a shared object file I can put into the vendor directory shown above and everything works OK.

My question/request is: could we not have this included in the build, given that you can now just grab it from an Ubuntu repository? If there's some other reason why it can't be done, I'd love to hear it--maybe I can help!


What is this exactly?

s390x is IBM System Z. Ubuntu at least definitely distributes binaries/packages for this platform.

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