Please help - Error in logstash shipper

Hi there

We have been facing some challenges with logstash shipper - which is basically showing the below error message millions of times. We do not see any logs processed. Certificates are not expired.

Can anyone please help!

[2018-02-15T19:05:54,771][ERROR][] Exception: error:10000412:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:SSLV3_ALERT_BAD_CERTIFICATE

Below is our shipper input configuration -

input {
beats {
port => 5044
ssl => true
ssl_certificate => "${LS_SETTINGS_DIR:logstash-shipper-configuration}/certs/logstash-shipper.crt"
ssl_key => "${LS_SETTINGS_DIR:logstash-shipper-configuration}/certs/logstash-shipper.key"

Below is our shipper output configuration -

output {
redis {
port => 6379
host => REDACTED
password => REDACTED
timeout => 10
data_type => "list"
batch => "true"

You are giving it a certificate in crt format. I think it wants pem.

Unfortunately it is pem file. Named different.

Any other reasons why we are seeing this error?

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