Plugin Offline Install (influxdb-output)

Dear, collegues, hello!
I try to install (offline) influxdb-otput-plugin. I downloaded it from github (
I started install: logstash-plugin install file:///C:/Users/lebedevve/Desktop/ELK/

And have the following error: C:\Users\lebedevve\Desktop\logstash-6.5.1\bin>logstash-plugin install file:///C:/Users/lebedevve/Desktop/ELK/
Installing file: /C:/Users/lebedevve/Desktop/ELK/
ERROR: Invalid pack for: file:///C:/Users/lebedevve/Desktop/ELK/, reason: The pack must contains at least one plugin, message: The pack must contains at least one plugin

If i correctly understand i need to prepare plugin to offline install. Could you help me understand how i can do it? Official elk docs i did not understand((
My ELK server does not have access to internet.

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