Postgres module for filebeat is not matching the logs


I have set up filebeat postgres module to get the logs and send it to the dashboard but I have observed that the patterns are not matching the logs coming from postgresq. Therefore I am wondering what versions of postgresql you have compiled the logs for? Is there anything I could do to match the patterns to the logs I have coming from postgresql and be able to use the filebeat postgresql dashboard. Also I am using postgresql 10.x with the default logging so nothing custom on our side.

Hi! If it's ok, could you show us several lines of postgres logs as example here? That would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Thank you for the examples. I tested it locally with current postgresql filebeat module and turned out we don't support this version of log format right now. I just filed a new issue to add support for 10.x version with your examples:

We will get it prioritized and hopefully add it soon. Thank you for all the help!

In the meantime is there anything I can change on the server side so that I would make it work?

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