Postgres privileges

Hi have setup the Postgres module and it seems to be working correctly with one exception.


Can you tell me what privilege I need to set on this user to fix this?

Hi @joshsmoore,

I think the user needs select on pg_stat_activity to get its own activity, but it needs superuser privileges to get the activity of all connections.

In any case, could you share the complete error message you are receiving if possible?

Sorry to piggyback on this thread (it seems somewhat related) but is there a set of minimum privileges that are needed for the Postgres module? I don't think the security team would like using the root user :smiley:

If there is a set, could it be added to the documentation? Happy to raise in GitHub if needed,

@StephenGoodall Yes, please open a Github issue as I agree would be great to have it in the docs (even if it is root).

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