PostgreSQL Module: What is the "EXPECTED" format (I.E. postgresql.conf settings)

for the filebeat PostgreSQL module, what are the expected settings in postgresql.conf (for the PostgreSQL server) on the logging related parameters, Prefix, etc.

I've searched and searched and would love to have this documented, especially for PostgreSQL 11.x


This is the grok filter used by the posgresql module:
"grok" : {
"patterns" : [
"""^%{DATETIME:postgresql.log.timestamp} [%{}(-%{BASE16FLOAT:postgresql.log.core_id:long})?] (([%{}]@[%{POSTGRESQL_DB_NAME:postgresql.log.database}]|%{}@%{POSTGRESQL_DB_NAME:postgresql.log.database}) )?%{WORD:log.level}: (duration: %{NUMBER:temp.duration:float} ms statement: %{GREEDYDATA:postgresql.log.query}|%{GREEDYDATA:message})"""
I hope this help to show what the module expects.


Filebeat modules usually parse the output of the default format. Is that not working in your case?

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