Powershell and param3 keywords missing

(Matt Oney) #1

Elastic Stack 5.4, running a lab, forwarding 400, 500, and 501 events -- but I can't see event_data.param3.keyword as a dashboard option --

On Discovery I can see event_data.param3 but not event_data.param3 keyword...

and then under Management param3.keyword says it isn't searchable or aggregatable...

(Andrew Kroh) #2

It looks as if you do not have the provided index template installed for the Winlogbeat. See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/winlogbeat/current/winlogbeat-template.html.

(Matt Oney) #3

Yep, that was it... thanks Andrew I'm sure we'll have another question here soon.

This is awesome!

(system) #4

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