Preconfigured Dashboards for ELB and Billing in ElasticSearch

Hey guys, I just started using your product to get AWS metrics in to ELK and love the preconfigured EC2 dashboard. However, I was having some problems with getting the ELB and Billing dashboards to appear. I am using AWS ElasticSearch/Kibana (their ELK as a service) and have enabled the AWS module and configured it properly according to documentation.

When I run metricbeat setup, it created a ton of Kibana dashboards but only did EC2 for AWS-related. Not the billing and elb ones. Any idea how to get them?
I am running metricbeat version 7.6.2 (amd64), libbeat 7.6.2 [d57bcf8684602e15000d65b75afcd110e2b12b59 built 2020-03-26 05:27:27 +0000 UTC]

Hey @vennemp,

Did you run metricbeat setup with metricbeat 7.6? At least the billing dashboard is only included since this version.

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Yes I did. What is the exact name of the dashboard, there are a lot of dashboards it created.. but I only see one related to AWS but I could be missing it. FWIW I am using AWS Elasticsearch Service.

This can be relevant, could you check the license of your Elastic Stack? This can be obtained by checking the type field of the response of the following request:

GET _license

AWS features of Metricbeat are only available in the default distribution of Metricbeat (the one with the Elastic License that can be downloaded from You can check the list of features available depending on the subscription level here:

What package of Metricbeat are you using?
{"Message":"Your request: '/_license' is not allowed."}

You can make this request from Kibana developer console.

For Metricbeat, if you can see EC2 dashboard, I think you should be able to see ELB and billing dashboard as well hmmm
If you remove all dashboards from Kibana console, and re-run metricbeat command to load the dashboard: ./metricbeat setup --dashboards, do you see anything different in the dashboard list?

Ok, it seems then that this server is using the Apache Licensed distribution, you may need to check if AWS Elasticsearch Service has any way of enabling deployments with the Elastic License, I don't know if AWS supports it.
A basic license is needed for AWS monitoring with beats (and for the dashboards you are missing).

You may also try deploying your Elastic Stack with some other managed service that includes the default distribution of Elasticsearch (that includes at least a basic license), for example:

These are both maintained by Elastic, and include the features required for AWS monitoring with Beats.

Another option is to deploy the Elastic Stack on your own, using the available packages in

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The AWS service does not support any of the X-Pack APIs, so you will be unable to use these dashboards sorry to say.

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