Preparing the RHEL Environment: How to set the fs.may_detach_mounts?

I am preparing the RHEL environment for installing ECE based on the documentation at

I am stuck at the step on enabling fs.may_detach_mounts. I ran the "cat /proc/sys/fs/may_detach_mounts" and the system returned "cat: /proc/sys/fs/may_detach_mounts: No such file or directory".

Then I added the line "fs.may_detach_mounts=1" into /etc/sysctl.conf.

After that, I ran sysctl -p and /proc/sys/fs/may_detach_mounts but got the same no such file or directory message.

I tried to create the "may_detach_mounts" directory and the system returned "mkdir: Cannot create directory '/proc/sys/fs/may_detach_mounts: No such file or directory".

How do I enable this setting on RHEL?


I would check the version of the kernel you use as I'm not sure this is supported by old versions, see

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