Problem date parsing

(Samir) #1

Hello everybody.
I have a small problem with some type of log annd I need your help.
I couldn't extract the date.

The logs are as follows :

[2017/04/25 15:39:46.255][Info] Block [[Main]][1][ALLOCALL]
[2017/04/25 15:39:46.255][Info] Value '' is assigned to variable [NUMEROCOLORE]
[2017/04/25 15:39:46.255][Info] Jump to block [[Main]][660]

I tried with the following filter but it doesn't work :
match => {"message" => "^%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Date}"}

Thank you for ur help !

(Magnus Bäck) #2

You have two problems:

  • Your grok expression needs to take into account that your log line starts with [.
  • Your timestamp isn't in ISO8601 format so you can't use TIMESTAMP_ISO8601.

(Samir) #3

Is that better :
match => {"message" => "[%{YEAR}/%{MONTH}/%{MONTHDAY} %{TIME}]:Time"}

It doesn't work also.

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Try this expression:

^\[(?<Time>%{YEAR}/%{MONTHNUM}/%{MONTHDAY} %{TIME})\]...

(Samir) #5

It's work ! Thank you very much !!!

(system) #6

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