Problem formatting Log Timestamp

Hi All,

As a test, I am querying a DB using logtash and printing the output on the prompt. I have two columns access_date(29-AUG-16) and access_time(11:30:45) in the DB. While querying, I concatenate the two fields.

select access_date||' '||access_time as access_date_time from test_table
The result is 29-AUG-16 11:30:45.

I want to set the @timestamp field to this value. So, in the filter, I use
match => ["access_date_time","DD-MMM-YY HH:mm:ss"]

But the output always picks up 01 for month.
"@timestamp" => "2016-01-29T17:00:45.000Z"

Please advice.

This has been resolved. The date match should have used a lowercase 'dd' instead of 'DD' in the match pattern.