Problem in building libbeat according to the developer guide


Hello All,

I am following the "Developer Guide: Creating a New Beat" and trying to develop my own beat. However, I have encountered a problem in the step "Building and Running the Beat". After I execute "make", I get the following output is:

make: *** No rule to make target `vendor/{{', needed by `countbeat'.  Stop.

There are still some directories named {{}} within the generated project directory. I do not know it is my setup problem or anything else, any help is appreciated, thank you.

The configuration of my building machine:
Ubuntu 14.04
GNU Make 3.81
Python 2.7.6
Cookiecutter 1.4.0
gccgo (Ubuntu 4.9.3-0ubuntu4) 4.9.3

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The directory examplebeat should not be there. Either there went something wrong in our script or the beat was created in the wrong directory.

Did you create the directory examplebeat or was that already there after you were running the cookiecutter command?


May be I made some mistakes in checking out the code. I still don't know
why but everything is alright after I delete and check out the code

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It could be that you fetched a state of the repo in which it was not working correctly. I'm glad it works now.

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