Problem on scoring and sorting retrieved documents

Hello!I am using EdgeNGram on Elastic only on my index analyzer (not on my search analyzer) and Fuzziness.Auto on my search analyzer.The main problem is that I get the correct results but with wrong sorting.
For example if I type elephant, I will get elephants with higher score than elephant.Is there any help or suggestion?Thank you in advance!

Matching is a combination of a number of factors relating to your choice of analyzers and queries and the documents held inside your index. The explain API [1] can give low-level details on how things are matched.

Before you dive into this it is worth noting that the user's search text input does not have to be translated into a single choice of query clause in the elasticsearch query DSL. It often makes sense to combine multiple query expressions ranging from strict to lax in a single bool query's array of should expressions. Documents that match all of the expressions (strict and lax) will tend to rank highest. An example of a strict clause might be a query for an exact phrase match on a field analyzed with no stemming etc while an example of a sloppy clause might be the ngram approach you have here.
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