Problem parsing date with date filter

I have a log like this
{"log":"{\"@timestamp\":\"2021-06-01T02:08:25.7387857-04:00\",\"level\":\"Information\",\"messageTemplate\":\"Got patients request\",\"message\":\"Got patients request

I am trying to parse date with grok and date filters and this how my filters are written

grok { 
		match => { "message" => ".*%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:log_date}.*level.*%{LOGLEVEL:LogType}.*messageTemplate\\\"\:\\"\.*%{GREEDYDATA:LogMessage}.*message.*\\\"AppName.*\"%{WORD:ApplicationName}\\\".*" } 
	date {
		locale => "en"
		match => ["log_date", "ISO8601"]
		timezone => "America/Anguilla"
		target => "log_date"

I am getting output like this "log_date" => 0021-06-01T06:08:25.738Z 2021-06-where year field is 0021 instead of 2021 and hour field is 06 instead of 02 despite adding timezone => "America/Anguilla".
Because of this I am not able to plot the date histogram properly in kibana.
Can someone quickly help me on this? Thanks.

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